Four-Way Stops: When is it Your Turn?

I’m sure you have found yourself at a four-way stop before. You’re cruising down the road completely in control until you slowly wind down to that sudden… stop. What happens next? The rules of the four-way stop often seem to fly out the window, especially when you’re faced with three other drivers all wondering the same thing. Did I get…

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“Hand-Me-Up” those Cell Phones, Laptops, Jeans, and Sweaters

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  A client mentioned that her daughter cracked her iPhone screen, and used that as a reason to upgrade to a brand new phone. Instead of fixing it, she wanted a better camera—some of those fancy new features sounded so enticing. Enter mom, who, while no longer springing for her daughter’s new phones, was still paying for the family plan and…

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The Ripple Effect

  When the pandemic hit, people moved out of the city. One effect of that exodus was that Broadway actors lost their jobs. But what about the ripple effect that their leaving had? What about the dishwasher in the restaurant where Patti LuPone bought her coffee? Or the manicurist Audra McDonald visited regularly? What about the people who worked in…

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