Stepping Into Progress

Vacation planning can be a trip, pun intended.

While planning my most recent vacation, we went back and forth on making multiple decisions. This included details like watching countries on the high alert list, researching the right time of year weather-wise, and even our desire to find a flight without layovers. Some decisions we made were small, but some were larger. Ultimately, the trip was a blend of those decisions.

At first, I felt frustrated that we weren’t making decisions faster. Once the trip was finalized, however, I realized that small steps are still steps, and given time and patience, everything will come together the way it’s supposed to.

In life, we all have goals we want to achieve. Whether it’s starting a new business, developing a healthier lifestyle, or learning a new skill, every goal requires a series of decisions as we move closer to that goal. Each choice is a step toward our goal; even small steps can help create the necessary momentum.

A small step may seem insignificant but can lead to significant progress over time. Conversely, large steps may generate a lot of momentum but may also be too difficult to sustain, leading to burnout or giving up on the goal altogether. For example, a person who wants to exercise for an hour daily will find it challenging if they immediately start with one hour a day.

The key is finding the right balance between small and large steps. Small steps create consistency, while large steps create excitement and can provide a jumpstart toward the goal. Combining small and large steps can create a sustainable pace toward our goals, and trusting your steps, no matter the size, can lead to incredible results.

Remember, every step counts, no matter how small, and consistency is critical for lasting change. Most importantly, don’t judge yourself. Trust that you will get there, step by step.