Are you Entering the Empty Nest Phase of Life Without a Plan of Action?

You don’t have to navigate these uncharted waters alone.

I’ll help you find the motivation and support you need to step into this stage of your life feeling empowered and fulfilled.  

Book a 1:1 Individual Coaching Package to get started.

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Package #1

Empty Nest Evolution

6 Session Package

– 1 (90-Minute) Initial Session

–  5 (60-Minute) Weekly or Bimonthly Calls

My signature process, The Revelation Approach™, will help you find the inspiration you need to help you bridge the gap from filling your time, to feeling fulfilled.

Our sessions will enable you to understand WHY you react the way you do, and HOW this information can be useful to you as you strive to achieve YOUR goals and overcome YOUR challenges. This opens the door for your success, whatever it is that success looks like to you. This is your time now!

Sessions via Zoom or phone, support and resources required to meet your goal via email or text between sessions. All will be agreed upon prior to initial session.


Package #2

Take Flight 

9 Session Package + ELI

 – Energy Leadership Index™ Assessment** (ELI) ($350 value)

– 1 (90-Minute) ELI Debrief + Initial Session

 – 9 (60-Minute) Weekly or Bimonthly Calls

This package includes (1) 90-minute initial session to review the results of your ELI**, set goals, discuss challenges, identify key values, talk through any concerns you’re feeling, and identify a strategy to put in place that will have an immediate impact.

Once we have reviewed your ELI results, we’ll follow with (9) 60-minute calls where we deep dive into strategies, see what fears are holding you back, and explore how you can get on track to succeed.

Sessions via Zoom or phone, support and resources required to meet your goal via email or text between sessions. All will be agreed upon prior to initial session.


Marcie has this rare ability to ask questions, to listen, and to analyze, all without judgment…and in a way that pushes me, gently and effectively, to reach my own conclusions about what works for me, what doesn’t and what’s worth exploring more. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say she has a gift, and that I have grown and benefitted accordingly.

– Kate Mankoff, Producer


I was feeling “out of sorts” due to a recent big move during the pandemic. Marcie’s gentle coaching and thoughtful questions led me to feeling more positive, grateful, and confident. Her nonjudgmental style and trustworthy tone encouraged me to dig deep and take the time to discover new ways to reach my goals.

– Mallika Malhotra, Brand Expert + Photographer




4-Steps to Reinvigorating Your Life in Your Empty Nest Years

To empower women empty nesters to overcome self-doubt and uncertainty in this next stage of life, my signature process will help you find the inspiration you need to help you bridge the gap from filling your time, to feeling fulfilled. This is your time now!



Hold up a mirror to how you view the world. Start seeing yourself differently.

Understand how your current attitude influences your success in many areas of your life by completing an industry-recognized assessment (ELI™ available in Package #2), allowing you to redefine what is possible in this well-deserved stage of life. Review what is important to you right now, and determine what your vision and goals of your best future looks like.

Example: Are you seeing the world through rose-colored glasses, or could you get a guest gig on Saturday Night Live as the next Debbie Downer?



Minimize your mind chatter by identifying any internal or external influencers getting in your way so that you overcome self-doubt.

Start to review and challenge old beliefs, perceptions and perspective that may be getting in your way. Here we look at the social, mental, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional factors that may be causing your current stressors, and bring them to the surface.

Examples: My mother never believed in self-care over her child’s welfare, I’m not comfortable going back to my office, it’s time I finally get that knee replacement, be aware of your use of deflating language.



Start making choices that will move you forward with confidence.

You alone can control your thoughts and emotions that determine your level of fulfillment. Step away from old patterns of thinking that may be impacting your growth, take purposeful, actionable steps. It’s time to make things happen, reclaim your power and regain your confidence. Breakthroughs happen at this stage:

Examples: Decide to look at ads in the local paper to inquire about new jobs. Call the registrar to sign up for that certification program. Decide to travel and explore the world and create that global cookbook you’ve dreamed of. Visualize where you want to be or how you want to feel.



Feel reinvigorated! You’ve arrived. This is the next level version of you. It’s time to reveal the 2.0 you and feel that magic!

That new sense of self will have people turning their heads and wondering if you got a new haircut. You’ve arrived in a new way. You will feel a renewed sense of purpose, feel alive and awakened. Here you’re living in more self-awareness, self-acceptance, and confidence. You will reap the rewards of your own actions with your new revelations. Your “everything to gain” vs. “nothing to lose” attitude will have you consciously scanning your environment in search of new opportunities and experiences.

Examples: You will influence and elevate those around as they feel your energy: Start that foundation to help young teens or refugees in your community, volunteering to help others secure vaccination appointments, feel confident in your ability to make decisions at all times and be a leader in your life.

Take the Energy LeadershipIndex Assessment**

The ELI is similar to the Myers-Briggs personality test, except it takes a hard look at the way you react in specific situations–the amount you worry about things, your relationship with confrontation, and your view of the world on a good day. That is, whether you have on “rose-colored glasses,” or if you are somewhat of a Debbie Downer. Discover why you make the choices you make.

This assessment test and 90-minute debrief will help you discover the personal perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, beliefs and overall leadership capabilities that impact the decisions you make.

Hi. I’m Marcie and I’m an Empty Nester.

I am also a Certified Professional Coach who works with women who are approaching or are already in their “Empty Nest” years to help them navigate this new, uncharted phase so that they can reclaim their dreams and live a fulfilling life. 

My solution-based coaching approach is designed to help you reveal the steps you need to move forward.

You have all the answers to your challenges—you just need a trusted partner to ask the right questions so you can tap into your inner purpose, passion, and goals to uncover what is holding you back and help you re-imagine the next stage of your life and find sustainable success. 

This is your time to shine!

Marcie Singer | ACC, CPC, ELI-MP