Working Through the Hiccups


Commitment. Sometimes, when we’ve committed to something, we have to work through all of the hiccups that come with it, whether we like it or not. Recently, I experienced my fair share of delays and disappointments due to a construction project in my home. Because of predictable Covid supply chain problems, and other world events, it took 1 full year to complete, instead of 4-5 months. Here are some life lessons I learned throughout the process.

Lots of steps can take a lot of energy. From making products selections to waiting for shipments to come in, there are tons of details to a construction project. It’s ok to give yourself a break and push the pause button when needed.

Sometimes, things are not as they appear. For example, on their own, many paint colors are perfect. Yet, when compared to another existing color on the wall or furniture, it completely changes the effect of what is felt and seen. Nothing exists in isolation.

It’s okay to implement workarounds. Things rarely go perfectly with construction projects, just as in life. Being able to create workarounds and being open to alternatives is important for navigating through less-than-ideal situations.

Teamwork is the key. Many talented individuals came together, working at different times, to create the final product. Like a sports team, or a work team, a construction project is a great example of why teamwork is a winning formula for success.

What takeaways have you learned from any long-term project you worked on?