July is like….

“July is hollyhocks and hammocks, fireworks and vacations, hot and steamy weather, cool and refreshing swims, beach picnics, and vegetables all out of the garden.” – Jean Hersey
What a perfect quote to sum up July (though we could all use less hot and steamy this year)! There is no better time than now to enjoy the goodness of the summer season and relax. Summer serves as the perfect backdrop for rejuvenation, growth, and preparing for the exciting transitions that lie ahead. Whether you are contemplating a career change, pursuing further education, or redefining your goals? We’ll delve into strategies for effective planning, developing new skills, and creating a roadmap that aligns with your passions and aspirations. Discover practical advice from successful women who have navigated similar transitions and gain the confidence to embrace the new possibilities that lie ahead. But not every summer day needs to be jam-packed; it’s okay to do nothing and have a slow summer day (…or twenty.)


What is your favorite lazy day summer activity?