Words are Never “Just” Words

Just Definition 1: By a very small margin : Barely Definition 2: Only, simply -Merriam-Webster Dictionary ____ Recently, during a conversation with friends, I noticed how often I use the word “just.” That got me thinking about the power of words. “It’s just a blog.” “It’s just an old dress I had.” “It’s just my small business.” Using “just” keeps…

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Discovering Your Punctuation Personality

    Punctuation is part of the personality of writing, and that same idea overlaps into our identity. When you think about the punctuation mark you most embody, what comes to mind? For me, I connect with a question mark. I’m a natural learner with a curious mind. I find it exciting to unravel new realities about myself and the…

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The Power is in the Pause

  “Practice the pause. Pause before assuming. Pause before accusing. Pause whenever you're about to react harshly and you'll avoid doing and saying things you'll later regret.” The power is in the pause. Perhaps you and your husband have been getting on each other's nerves lately being in close quarters for so long. Maybe it has to do with the…

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Father’s Day

To say the pandemic has upended most of our lives is an understatement. But through it all, what we value can remain strong. Values help us define who we are at our core. For example, connection is extremely important, and social distancing can impact our ability to fulfill that need. When we visited my daughter on Memorial Day, we wore…

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