Discovering Your Punctuation Personality



Punctuation is part of the personality of writing, and that same idea overlaps into our identity. When you think about the punctuation mark you most embody, what comes to mind?

For me, I connect with a question mark. I’m a natural learner with a curious mind. I find it exciting to unravel new realities about myself and the world around me. At the same time, question marks symbolize uncertainty and indecisiveness.

Maybe you feel like you’ve been a question mark your entire life, or you’re realizing this is a new version of yourself as your kids move out and you’re unclear about the path that lies ahead of you. Embracing the question mark might feel right for you, or help you realize this transition feels uncomfortable because you’ve been a period most of your life.

If you identify with the period, you’re probably decisive, clear headed, and a planner. You like to keep your life in order, and know exactly how to efficiently move from point A to point B. Transition might feel unfamiliar to you, and lead you to uncover a lot of vulnerabilities you haven’t faced in a while. Now that a new path is presenting itself, do you change your punctuation or learn to adapt?

If you lean on ellipses (…) in your life, you acknowledge the possibility that lies in every moment. Everything about a subject can’t fully be expressed, and there’s always room for deeper thinking. Ellipses represent a comfort with the space between, and the acknowledgement that uncertainty is inevitable.

Comma personalities are peacemakers, you like to get along as you look for pauses in your life. You enjoy going with the flow, and embracing the possibility of what comes next.

If you identify with the exclamation mark, you might find yourself feeling anxious and excitable. You like to make decisions quickly, and may lean towards emotional intensity.

Punctuation marks help tell a story. In the story of our life, we show up as different punctuation marks as we’re faced with new experiences and remarkable moments.

I encourage you to embrace this change, and acknowledge that we are constantly evolving. You never stop growing, changing, or punctuating!

Your punctuation mark can provide clarity into a new way of thinking—about life, change, and how you show up in the world.

Which one are you?