Spring, Springs Solitude

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The weather gets warmer, plants go from barren to bloom, animals return from hibernation, and summer is right around the corner. It's a time full of rebirth and refreshment. Yet, while spring can be gorgeous, the changes that come with it are often very isolating. For many, spring is when kids are about…

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Words are Never “Just” Words

Just Definition 1: By a very small margin : Barely Definition 2: Only, simply -Merriam-Webster Dictionary ____ Recently, during a conversation with friends, I noticed how often I use the word “just.” That got me thinking about the power of words. “It’s just a blog.” “It’s just an old dress I had.” “It’s just my small business.” Using “just” keeps…

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When Your First Choice is the Best Choice

When my children were young, sometimes we’d go to Toys "R" Us and they could each pick out a toy. One of my daughters would make her selection right away. She’d hold onto it tightly, waiting patiently until her siblings were finished selecting theirs, no matter how long they took with their decisions. Like my daughter, some women seem to…

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The L.A.R.K. Formula – Life After Raising Kids™

  Summer is just around the corner. However you decide to spend this time, enjoy! When we look back on some of our most fun, exciting experiences, many of them happened spontaneously...on a lark. By the time many of us arrive in our Empty Nest years, we have gotten away from “spur-of-the-moment” creativity, having spent time raising our kids, planning…

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