When Your First Choice is the Best Choice

When my children were young, sometimes we’d go to Toys “R” Us and they could each pick out a toy. One of my daughters would make her selection right away. She’d hold onto it tightly, waiting patiently until her siblings were finished selecting theirs, no matter how long they took with their decisions.

Like my daughter, some women seem to always know exactly what they want. When their kids grow up and move out, they don’t have to think about their next step. The choice seems to come naturally to them. They glide into this new phase and onto their next adventure full speed ahead. But more often, they find it challenging to make a choice in this new season. They find themselves at a loss, weighing the pros and cons of the many ways their life could go next. Wanting to make sure they’re making the “right choice.”

Which side do you find yourself on? Is it easy to choose your next step? Or do you feel weighed down by the many directions you could go?

Coming Full Circle 

Have you ever come full circle? After worrying over which dress, house, or car to buy, you end up returning to the one you liked in the first place?

Sometimes we second-guess our first choices, continually searching for something better, only to return in the end to what we knew we wanted in the first place.

Why is it so easy to fall into this cycle?

Many assume it is wise to choose slowly and they criticize others for making a choice quickly. They sow seeds of doubt: “Are you absolutely sure that’s what you want to do? After all, you don’t want to waste these empty nest years.”

Taking time to think before making a decision can be good in some circumstances. But more often caution leads us to unnecessary anxiety and wasted time, when you already know deep down what you want. Sometimes, your first choice is your best choice.

Trusting Your Intuition 

We all have an intuition. We often know deep down what we want and where we should go. But instead of following our gut, we choose to reconsider and waste time doubting ourselves. Why do we do this?

How different would we feel if we made the decision right away? What would we gain? Maybe our time, money, or emotional stability.

Can you remember a time when you came back full circle to an instinct you questioned? It’s never too late to return. And, just like my daughter, it’s okay to like your first choice and stick with it without hesitation. Many times, our first choice was the right choice.