Words are Never “Just” Words


Definition 1:
By a very small margin : Barely

Definition 2:
Only, simply

-Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Recently, during a conversation with friends, I noticed how often I use the word “just.” That got me thinking about the power of words.

“It’s just a blog.”

“It’s just an old dress I had.”

“It’s just my small business.”

Using “just” keeps us playing small and diminishes our accomplishments. When we use “just,” it gives us an out, holds less importance, and we may assume a bit of a slouching position.

For instance, when I say it’s “just a blog,” it puts a smaller significance on the importance of the blog and therefore justifies holding off on writing a post until next month. When I say it’s “just an old dress,” rather than accepting a compliment, I’m diminishing myself. “Just” can be an insecure word that may convey we are not good enough. And so on.

It’s always more than “just” a blog, an old dress, a small business, etc. Let’s give ourselves credit where credit is due.

Words are never “just” words.