Father’s Day

To say the pandemic has upended most of our lives is an understatement.

But through it all, what we value can remain strong. Values help us define who we are at our core.

For example, connection is extremely important, and social distancing can impact our ability to fulfill that need.

When we visited my daughter on Memorial Day, we wore masks and stood six feet apart as we walked through Central Park. That day, she seemed a bit distant (no pun intended).

A few days later, I asked her if she would allow me to use coaching tools to explore her thoughts and actions a little more.  She agreed and, as we talked, she realized what was bothering her and why she had developed a bit of an “attitude.” She told me how the pandemic is strangling her because she can’t be close to those she loves. For her, physical closeness with her family is what drives her.

Coaching tools allowed her to move forward past the negativity. Because of that conversation, she was able to make choices that moved her along–she was able to become more open, and was able to discuss what was bothering her and holding her back. She decided her need for physical closeness with her family was extremely important and our walking together, at a distance wasn’t providing her what she craved.

My daughter’s core values were not being met but now she feels in alignment again. No more walks, just simply being together with one another, eye to eye,  at a safe distance, is the answer.

Father’s Day looked different, and everyone is happier.