The Coach gets Coached



When my new friend, Osarague, invited me to go LIVE on her Instagram page, I froze in my shoes.

How could I go live? Open myself up to criticism? Be vulnerable? What if people asked me questions that I couldn’t answer? What if I didn’t come across like a coach women would trust and want to work with?

Then I stopped to think about it, and I realized all the “what ifs”—the very things that were stopping me in my tracks and keeping me from venturing into this new medium—a medium that could quite possibly help me expand my reach and grow my business—were the things I talk to my clients about every single day.

I needed to be my own client.

So I booked an appointment with myself and reminded myself of the ways I could tap into my Personal Power. I told myself I was being my fiercest critic, and that I should not be judging myself.

When I accepted myself right where I stood, I was able to move myself forward.

And once I got out of my own way, I signed on to be Osarague’s guest.

The Instagram live experience was fun, and I felt completely natural. Of course it felt natural—I was speaking about the very things I coach clients on and write about daily. My material. My comfortable place.

During the show, I stayed present in the moment and focused on whatever topic we were discussing, not on what I should or could say next. This is another important part of finding your Personal Power. Living in the moment.

One reason things went so well: I had set myself up for success. I prepared material and talking points in advance, and spent some time on my hair and makeup. Because I didn’t want to be distracted by knowing how many people were watching, I covered that part of my screen. I also made sure I was alone in my house.

I will be sharing quoted highlights over the next week from the conversation, but if you would like to listen to the entire podcast, here is a link. It will remain as a button on my Instagram page under links in Bio.

Osarague is a woman I met on Clubhouse in a Coaching room. Over the past few months we have developed a special relationship, supporting each other as we both build our coaching businesses on separate continents. She is a wonderful host and was able to sum up what I was saying at many different points and relate them back to what her listeners needed to hear.

Even though she is half my age, I have been learning from her: Patience. Appreciation. Understanding.

After the live conversation, my kids congratulated me. They were proud of me for having gone out of my comfort zone, for having taken the steps necessary to move myself forward. Friends told me I was natural, calm, and authentic. This was all music to my ears, as I had spent so much time worrying about whether I made sense, answered questions properly, if I had sprinkled my vocabulary with too many “ums” and “ahs,” and even if I had blinked too much.

Only you can make the conscious choices to propel yourself forward toward success, whatever success looks like to you.

And now I have to run…I need to research some other lives or podcasts that might want me as a guest!