Celebrating My “Coachiversary”



Happy Anniversary to me!

What a crazy year it was to launch a business.

But here we are…one year later and I’m feeling strong and confident.

At the beginning, I was afraid of trying something new. To get my message out, I started writing, but how would I be received? What the heck would I write about? Could I inform, entertain, and hold people’s interest? Would my simple observations of things and events taking place around me really guide others and help them find answers?

Was the beginning of a global pandemic really the right time to launch a coaching business?

Turns out, it was the perfect time.

I dove out of my comfort zone, and I’m thrilled you took the ride with me.

My inspiration, at first, was to write about the “nothing”  and the “everything” that happens around us, reminiscent of a Jerry Seinfeld episode.

I realized, by just living life every day, one day and one step at a time, I would get “there.” And that meant placing no judgment or expectations of where “there” should be.

I set no expectations for myself, and allowed the path to guide me.

It was a crazy year for all of us, a perfect year for all us to do a self-reset and see what was needed. We certainly had the time. If we were lucky, there would be a great intersection between what we needed and what we got.

The feedback regarding my observations has been very encouraging, and continues to give me the impetus to continue.

There’s a foundation principle from my coaching program, “strive to be present in the moment,” which inspires me. That, allows me to provide inspiration to others.

I try to show up authentically in each newsletter, blog post, and social media entry I share. I try to stay present in the moment. The fun thing is that writing begets more writing…when you start to notice the things around you, you notice more of the things around you, and how they translate into observations and lessons that, for me, seem to always lead back to coaching.

So, my advice to you: focus on one activity at a time, learn from the past, and then let go. You will stay present, without distractions, and your intuition will come alive. 

It may take time, but being aware and determined, and not judging yourself or expecting a certain outcome, will release any tension you may have about your goal. Stay present, learn from each experience, and just move forward. 

A lot can happen in a year, particularly a year like this past one. Documenting what you are observing is like a living journal, my sister-in-law once said. Great advice.

I’m not sure what the next year will bring for me, but I’ll keep observing, and I’ll know soon enough.

And therefore, so will you.