That AHA moment

“I get it!”
“I know what I have to do next.”
There is nothing better than witnessing my client reach that clarity at the end of a session. That “AHA” moment.
Find YOUR clarity. Get unstuck. Break through. Release your tension. Unshrug your shoulders and relax.
You are now on your way to realizing your goals; to release that detracting, draining energy in your life, the energy, that unless released, affects every other part of your life.
It is really quite hard to do this on your own, no matter how successful you are in other aspects of your career and your life.
Sometimes we just need a sounding board. Someone to listen intently.
A typical coaching session begins with a specific goal. Through questions and conversations, we try to figure out what is blocking you so that you can find your own answers.
Don’t you want to say “Aha” too?