Watch Your Language!


You have nothing to lose.

This simple phrase is intended to motivate: “Why not get out there and try? You have nothing to lose.”

Yet, this phrase actually masquerades as positive. These are heavy words. They don’t belong in an encouraging space.

You deserve better. How can you take heavy phrases like this and turn them into powerful mantras that lead you forward in strength?

Words Matter

The words we say to ourselves matter. They hold the power to build us up and make us strong, or bring us down and make us weak.

Through the words we say, we can:

Stop our momentum: “I would love to turn this hobby into a business, but…”
Or build our momentum: “I would love to turn this hobby into a business, and…”

Build indecision and worry:

“I know I should try, I might be happier, but I only have…”
Or build certainty: “I know when I try this, I will be happier.”

Distract ourselves from our goals:

“I need to do this first…”
Or stay focused: “I can do this later…”

Like a small rudder that can steer a large ship, your thoughts hold the power to set your course and steer you in any direction.

What words are you using?

Are you building a life of worry, uncertainty, and fear?

What would your life look like full of confidence, certainty, and peace?

It all begins with how you speak about yourself.

Speak with Power

Sometimes it’s hard to hear how we are speaking to ourselves and recognize the words we are using. A coach can often pick up on a client’s deflating language and understand how it is affecting their life and everyday decisions.

Contact me today and set up a quick discovery call.

One of my clients during our call discovered by the end that she didn’t have “Nothing to lose.” Instead, she had “Everything to gain.”

Remember to watch your language.

You, too, have everything to gain.