Think Like a Squirrel and Reach Your Goals

Watching those videos of squirrels performing death-defying gymnastic feats can be mesmerizing. 

One favorite shows a man setting up an elaborate obstacle course for the local squirrels. After a minor learning curve, they master the course and achieve the reward–the elusive bird feeder.

Squirrels stop at nothing to reach their goals.

You can be like a squirrel!

Aware and determined, squirrels show great resourcefulness in their ability to adapt, and to use those things around them for help and support.

Jump from a tree, onto a roof, fly through the air…no problem. They WILL get to that bird feeder.

People though, when faced with a new challenge, often get nervous and think about failing. They worry. They fear the unknown.

And that can hold us back.

We can take some lessons from squirrels.  They never give up.

One of my coaching leaders once said to “think like a squirrel.” She meant that we should create momentum by moving and just start advancing.

We should be willing to adapt, and be open to seeking help and support when needed.

Squirrels don’t let tree heights, pesky chipmunks, overprotective blue jays, impending wires, or high winds keep them from their goals. 

They just scramble to their target, unrestrained, with no worry. They don’t let fear stop them.

Once you can acknowledge your own fear, you will have taken the first step to controlling it. You will be able to move forward.

You may be able to use your “obstacles” as stepping stones to your target.

Don’t let your fear control you and keep you from reaching your goals.

So, think like a squirrel and DM me to schedule a 30-minute discovery call. I can discuss any fears you might be having, and help you move through your own obstacle course!