Being coached by Marcie was such a smooth experience. From the first onboarding conversation I felt I had a lot of wisdom, curiosity and life experience in my corner.

A dozen sessions with her resulted in growth of my self-confidence, ability to tune in with my intuition and add pages to my personal user manual. She challenged me to celebrate the little miracles of life more often. I’m grateful for her visual thinking and amazing reflections of my process. I was able to do hard work and have fun.

-Amor Muto, Disruption Expert


I was on one of Marcie’s discovery calls and it was eye opening! She is amazing! Although I knew what I wanted, needed, and should be doing, talking to her and saying it out loud made it that more powerful!! Since I’ve spoken with her I’ve stuck to the action step I created and it has been liberating! I feel in control, less stressed, my mood has changed and am much happier! I’ve been able to spend more time with my family and enjoy it without having pending work that need to get done and thinking about that throughout the evening!

-Vanessa Mugnani-Flores, Athletic Trainer, The Strong Fit Life


“Working with you helped me realize I had been putting up with being unhappy at my job. You encouraged me to identify my strengths and values, as well as what I really want out of my career.”

“Since we began our sessions, I have been feeling open and excited about new possibilities in a way I haven’t in years—and taking steps towards the life I want to be living.”

“You were off-the-charts helpful. I can share things with you easily.”

“It was amazing how you were able to ask relevant questions to get to the “root” of why I wanted to switch careers.”

“Marcie gave me tools that made me aware of how I could overcome my issues. I feel emotionally stronger and able to work through any obstacle that might come my way.”

“Marcie is an astute and caring listener, shining new light into your previously unlit corners. She has helped me move from self-doubt and inaction to a newly found confidence and direction in my career.”