Summer Poem: Part 1



Hello Summer,

Goodbye isolation.

Over a year since we shut our doors.

How quickly the calendar pages turned.

The longest winter, and yet, still so fast.

The bright warmth of the sun has returned, soothing even the roughest patch.

Now, a new kind of assurance.

We feel protected from head to toe, as we apply SPF to our vaccinated bodies.

Things have changed.

We rethink work priorities, rethink connections, rethink life.

How do we keep that simpler pace?

Time to feel free.

It’s about time.

Time for peace.

The time is now.

Time to prepare for that new normal.

What to leave behind, what to keep.

Many things change, but many stay the same, if we choose.

This time, my front door stays closed, by choice, to keep the cool air in.