Spiritual Concierge


Sage burning and full-moon intention ceremonies?

Hypnotherapy and shaman healing?

The trend in some high-end New York City residences is to offer a full menu of spiritual concierge services. 

While most of the offerings may be a tad too esoteric for the typical Empty Nester that I usually work with, one option from the menu makes a lot of sense.

Mixed in with the cacao tastings and sound baths is the opportunity to consult with mental health professionals, therapists, and life coaches. That’s the part that makes sense to me.

Working with a life coach is an integral part of the development of these “conscious communities,” that take a holistic approach to a wellness lifestyle.

As the building developer in this New York Times article states, “The physical health thing is important — we have gyms, we have trainers and yoga studios and running clubs,” he said. “But we believe we need to treat the mental health and spiritual side of things with the same level of importance.”

As we come out of the pandemic, working with a life coach is more appealing than ever to help determine what you want the next stage of your life to look like. 

Let’s chat–maybe I’ll even light a vanilla-scented candle and place it in the foreground of our Zoom call.