Sign Language: Or How to Avoid Getting Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place


This is a story of a rocky road, a journey, and new beginnings.

You can’t tell by looking at this photograph of me, but this was not the idyllic, scenic journey it appears to be.  I was actually caught between a literal rock and a hard place.

The day started out reasonably. Nice, even. I was hiking on the Palisades on a Sunday afternoon with my husband. We thought it would be a smooth path, that each step would get us closer to our end goal. We didn’t pay enough attention to a posted warning sign and accidentally took the wrong path. As a result, we had to navigate an ice-age rock scramble for 3 hours. We wound up four miles from where we parked, exhausted, and were fortunate to be able to reach an Uber to take us back to our car.

That is not how we had planned our day.

We experienced some lessons that are often applicable to other aspects of life:

• There was no going back. We had to keep moving forward.

• Things don’t always go as planned.

• You have to read the signs.

In life, it’s okay to look back, but it is better to keep moving forward to your destination–even if you don’t know exactly what path you need to take to reach your end goal.

And that reminds me of coaching. Through coaching, you can keep moving forward. The path might not always be smooth, but each step you take gets you closer to what you want to achieve.

You need to begin your own journey. A journey to your goal.

As your coach, I won’t be the Uber driver that rescues you — I will be a fellow passenger in your car, helping you to read the signs, navigate unexpected challenges, and nudge you down the right path.

As we end a most challenging year, and enter into what we all hope is a healthful, peaceful 2021, let’s remember to pay attention to some of the signs, such as how we reacted when we were at low points during the pandemic. While it’s not over, and there will still be dark days to come, we begin 2021 with hope.

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Let’s begin the new year strong.