Refilling the Empty Nest, for Now

This week, my bearded 28-year old “baby” is moving back into the nest…well, at least for a month or so.

While the pandemic is scary and has so many unknowns, there are a few upsides. Those include the ability for young adults to explore the world. Many kids who graduated college and have “launched” their lives and careers may be moving home, even temporarily, for financial, logistical, and safety reasons.

A recent article in “The Atlantic” entitled, Listen: Millennials Are Buying ‘COVID Cars,’ explains how car sales are way up among young adults. They are not comfortable using mass transit or renting cars during the pandemic, and are buying them as the ultimate form of PPE.

My son is one of those young adults.

He will live in his favorite childhood hangout, our basement, for the month as he remotely works at his research position because…he can.

Then, he and his girlfriend will become nomadic as they hop in their car and explore the world for a year-long adventure.

Have car, have internet, will travel.

“Life offers neither problems nor challenges, only opportunities”

How exciting!

What are you experiencing with your post-graduate adult children as they navigate through this unique time?