Just Call Me Jerry

Fear, if you allow it, can paralyze you. 

In my case, it had to do with fear of not knowing what to write.

You see, I launched this new space. My blog. And I was so proud of it. I wrote my first post, and shared about its creation on social media. I smiled as the well wishers sent good wishes, then I wished I knew what to do next!

That’s when the fear set in and started to paralyze me.

How could I possibly fill this space with timely, interesting, valuable words of wisdom about life and coaching and transitions? And how could I do it over and over again?

Looking back at my turmoil, I actually had a mini-coaching session with myself. Using the same techniques I use with clients to get them to figure out what they want in their lives, I helped myself figure out what I should be writing about.

I asked myself questions; I envisioned what I wanted the outcome to be. 

And it worked!

In this case, I conjured up my inner Seinfeld and allowed myself to write about “nothing.” Or, more precisely, about the everyday things that touched me in some way that I could put a personal spin on, or could use as a tool to talk about the impact coaching can have on achieving personal goals.

Such as:

  • A sweet story about my daughter and my husband on Father’s Day.
  • How turning the calendar to a new month inspires me to read new books. 
  • An article about how plants filling in for audience members at a concert made me consider perspective.
  • My take on the differences between coaching and therapy.

As soon as I realized that everyday situations and conversations are what provide the inspirations for blog posts, some of the pressure came off. 

How do you deal with mental blocks? 

Mental blocks keep us from doing. From taking action. They can dictate our decisions and keep us from being productive.

Now, the blog topics are flowing in my mind and there are more ideas than there are days to post them…not that there’s anything wrong with that!