Hello Spring, I’ve Been Ready

Photo: designtwins.com


Hello Spring, I’ve been ready

Quiet, dull winter behind us
Breathtaking glossy icicles have detached from the house
Melting snow nourishing the grass for growth

Perpetual, daily gray mornings take a hike
Brighter morning sun, brighter outlook
Spring ahead that clock into lightness

Uncover the outdoor furniture, shed that heavy clothing
Black athleisure wear change-up to tie-dyes, pastels, and shackets
Ease up on Netflix
Puzzles to picnics

Crocuses peeking through the ground
Winter bulbs rearing their heads
Baby green buds on trees, where are you
Pesky squirrels back soon

2020 further and further away, heavy feeling with so much loss
Climate change still wreaking havoc
Vaccines making their way around,
Dreaming of social plans

Freedom of gatherings with caution
Thoughts of travel
Feeling movement in our holding pattern

Repair roads, repairing friendships, repair our health,
More fresh air, more vitamin D
Clearer pavements to resume outdoor walks and hikes
Softball and baseball and all the spring sports

My front door is ready and prepared for more people than packages.

Time to heal.

Time to grow.

Time to spring ahead.

All is hopeful.