Fix-it List

Don’t you just love a good neighborhood hardware store?
You walk in with your goal/challenge, and look for someone who will listen. You trust them to work with you, find the right aisle, the right paint color, the right knob. Boom. They direct you to the exact location you need to go to solve your current project or challenge.
Spring means tackling projects around the house, and working on yourself should be on your “fix-it” list as well. Just like in the house, where some plumbing, carpentry, and electrical issues might be too big to tackle on your own and might require the skills of an expert, you might benefit with some expert coaching.
Consider me your hardware store. 
Together, you will find the oil you need for your creaky empty nest birdhouse, or the missing screw for your file drawer of misplaced goals.
My clients are being productive. They are empowered and are moving forward with intention after just one discovery call. Sometimes your best solution is an expert who will listen and point you in the right direction.
Sign up for a 30 minute discovery call and we will get you back on track.
Like that sliding door off the patio.