Financial Awareness

Did you recently celebrate the college graduation of the last of your kids? Did you celebrate six months earlier when you wrote the final tuition check?

If so, you are probably celebrating again now that it is September when you don’t have to pay a college tuition bill.

But what about other expenses that may be piling up?

Audible? Yup.

Amazon Prime. Oh yeah, that too.

Netflix? Check.

Every smart empty nester knows it is wise to take a periodic look at her bank statement, and do assessments.. Pay close attention to any free service you signed up for on a trial basis that may expire. Those monthly maintenance fees have a tricky little way of showing up. Should something be cut out? Perhaps there was a service or subscription you had when the kids were home that isn’t getting utilized as much.

Things like fees for any accounts that don’t carry minimum balances. 

Financial awareness can empower you, and prepare you for all the wonderful and exciting choices that could come your way in this next phase of life.

Working on financial goals and retirement plans with your partner is a good idea. Try to set yourself up to avoid this statement: “I did not know any of this.”