A Clean Slate For All in the New Year!


New year. New beginnings. New changes. Soon we will turn the page on another year, and it’s no surprise we all think of the new year as a chance for a clean slate.

But what is a new beginning? Each of us sees the world through our own filters and lenses, and therefore a new beginning means something different for each of us.

One thing we all have in common though, is the first step towards real change in our life is awareness.

Awareness is a feeling. A focus. It helps us stay on a subject.

Stop. Feel. Analyze why we feel the way we do.

Become aware.

And we can only become aware when we are in touch with both internal and external influencers in our life.

Picture yourself at the movies. Maybe you sat a few too many rows back. Things aren’t clear. You can tell it’s Tom Hanks up there, but something is missing. You reach into your purse for your glasses.

Ah. Clarity. Things are a little sharper now. It’s still Tom, but now you can see his warm smile.

Only when you become aware that something is a little off can you do something to change or fix it.

Even the simplest of changes can make a difference. 

What are we thinking and feeling?

What are we feeling physically, mentally, and what is going on in our environment?

How do we react when you are with people?

What do we tell ourselves?

Once we explore those feelings a bit, we may say “aha.” It may begin to make sense.

Live with the feelings.

Focus on them.



View the situation differently.

This is how you begin to learn, grow, and change.

Life is more than a box of chocolates.


Wishing you a happy, healthy holiday season and new year!